The Damned - Damned Damned Damned - Ireland - 1977 - Copy #2 - Stiff Records – SEEZ 1

Damned Damned Damned

Well, what can I say Numbnuts?

Irish Damned Damned Damned SEEZ1 From 1977

There are only 3 known copies at the time of writing.

I own two of them…

I managed to pull off the impossible and get my hands on a second copy.

You’re looking at it on this very page.

I good friend of mine in the online space, and himself a big fan and collector of The Damned, had the other copy and I’m happy to say we did a trade for my copy of The Original Black Album Test Pressing.

Hence here you have my second copy.

For more details on this iconic, historical release, see the notes below the pictures below.

A1 – Neat Neat Neat
A2 – Fan Club
A3 – I Fall
A4 – Born To Kill
A5 – Stab Yor Back
A6 – Feel The Pain

B1 – New Rose
B2 – Fish
B3 – See Her Tonight
B4 – 1 Of The 2
B5 – So Messed Up
B6 – I Feel Aright

Sleeve: Near Mint
Vinyl: Ex+ (Some light scratches only)
The Vinyl looks superb for its age. No warps or major scratches)

There are 4 distinguishing features that make this the rarest stock Damned Record on planet Earth…

1. “TB” Etched in the run out of the vinyl.

2. The distinct small “Palm Tree” logo on the label.

3. The label of this is not “dinked” in the way the UK Pressings were.

For more info on this please click here: Damned Damned Damned Ireland 1977