The Albums - Test Pressings

Hello Captain Numbnuts

It really is time to sell everything you have…

Right Said Fred, Elton John, ELO, Aerosmith, Michael Jackson, all of it! Get rid!

Sell the lot Numbnuts and invest in one of these legendary Damned Test Pressings…

There’s also a couple of Damned Related ones including a sensational copy of The Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols…

A couple of Naz Nomad and The Nightmares pieces as well as Ratty’s first solo album.

So get on eBay, sell your crap and send some of the proceeds my way in order to become the proud owner of something of quality…

You never know, buy one of these and you may even get a girlfriend.

Serious offers only please freckles…

The Damned Test Pressings

The Damned Test Pressings

For Sale: Damned Test Pressings from the first Damned Damned Damned to Grave Disorder…

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Naz Nomad Test Pressings

For Sale: Naz Nomad Test Pressings – White Label Test Pressings and proof sleeves

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Rat Scabies Test Pressings

The Sex Pistols Test Pressings

For Sale: Never Mind The Bollocks – USA – 1977 – Test Pressing – Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols –  Warner Bros Records – BSK 3147

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