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Naz Nomad & The Numbnuts!

Listen up Tonto, when it comes to Naz Nomad & The Nightmares, I’m as much in the dark as you!

What I do know is that the album, Give Daddy The Knife Cindy frickin Rocks my boat.

Mainly 60’s Covers of some classics like “Nobody But Me”, “Action Woman” and a handful more.

Off the back of that came a couple of re-issues of said album.

Also a few singles (some Bootlegs) also followed.

Basically, I don’t mind the stuff but I’m still selling the lot.

Look out for a couple of sealed items as well as some super cool Test Pressings.

Just Call me Sky…

Give Daddy The Knife Numbnuts

For Sale:  Give Daddy The Knife Cindy – U.K. – 2011- Test Pressing Devils Dukebox

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