The Albums - Live at Shepperton

Live at Shepperton! Recorded in 1980, released 1982.

Well Numbnuts, what can I say?

I suppose “frickin masterpiece” is a good starting point with this one.

First time I heard Live at Shepperton my nuts ended up orbiting Jupiter.

Opening with Love Song the set just explodes into a frenzy of energy and mayhem.

Every track on here is just pure class.

The recording was made live at at Shepperton, England in 1980. It was a gig played for the members of The Damned Fan Club at the time.

Lots of copies to list so keep checking back if this one tickles your fancy.

Have a bloody good day Numbnuts…


Live at Shepperton Albums

For Sale:  Live at Shepperton – Chiswick Records – NED 1A/B – U.K.  – 1982 U.K. first Press

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