The Albums - 35 Years of Anarchy Chaos and Destruction

 35 Years Of Anarchy, Chaos And Destruction – 35th Anniversary – Recorded Live In London…

The Damned celebrated the 35th Anniversary of their hugely successful career with a tour around the UK.

This recording from their performance at the London Roundhouse on the 12.11.11 perfectly captures the stage presence and the energy of the band.

The Damned are one of the most successful punk bands ever and these three instalments are filled with their career defining tracks such as New rose Eloise, Wait for the black out and Neat neat neat.

So its time to pull up your pants Numbnuts, get your hand in your pocket and start buying some of these lovely gems…


35 Years of Anarchy Chaos And Destruction Front

For Sale: 35 Years of Anarchy Chaos and Destruction – 35th Anniversary – Live In London – U.K. – 2016 – Test Pressing – Volume 1-2-3

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