The Albums - Live in Newcastle

Live in Newcastle…

Lots of Band/Crowd banter on this one…

I wont go into to much detail but those of you who were there (or have heard it) will know the infamous “Sack Sensible… the nuns” chant!

If memory serves Kid Creole took quite a battering from the Captain too in between numbers.

Not the best quality recording but still the Album reflects The Damned at their best in the early eighties.

This album pretty much has a few off the Strawberries Album followed by the Chiswick Classics Love Song and Smash it Up, rounded off with a blistering New Rose!

Fabulous part of any Damned collection!

Go on Numbnuts, you know you want to, click through and hit the “Make an Offer” link…

Catch you later, but not if I see you first.

Live in Newcastle Albums

For Sale:  Live in Newcastle – Damned Records – DAMU 2 – U.K.  – 1983

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