The Singles - Stretcher Case Baby

Thought you were a problem…

… You caught a brick in your face, That’s why

You’re a Numbnuts baby…

In case you didn’t know Numbnuts, “Stretcher Case Baby” is a limited edition single record recorded by The boys in 1977. It was released on 3rd July 1977 on the Stiff Records label.

Only 5,000 copies were ever distributed and it wasn’t available in Record stores.

The first Copies were given away at the band’s London Marquee Club first anniversary concerts of that year.

These were actually cut short so further copies were given to fan club members, and 250 were given as some Numbnuts prizes in the New Musical Express.


U.K. 1977 Original

For Sale: Stretcher Case Baby U.K. 1977 – Limited Edition – Original Copy – Stiff Records 

Stretcher Case Baby U.K. 1977 >>>

SOLD: U.K. 1977  Signed Slip – Rat Scabies – Originally came with a Copy of Stretcher Case Baby 1977

Stretcher Case Baby U.K. 1977  Signed Slip >>>