The Albums - Best Of Vol 1½ - The Long Lost Weekend

Best Of Vol 1½ – The Long Lost Weekend Copies for Sale below.

First released in May 1998 on Big Beat Records with catalogue WIK 80.

Opens up with the collaboration between The Damned and Motorhead’s version of “Over The Top”…

Followed by both bands rendition of The Sweet’s Ballroom Blitz.

In total 13 Tracks from the late Chiswick, NEMS and Bronze era.

Some nice gems on here Numbnuts.

Take a look below where you will find a nice Original Big Beat Test Pressing of this album.

Enjoy browsing and try not to annoy me with questions unless you actually want to make an offer on something.



The Long Lost Weekend

For Sale:  The Long Lost Weekend – U.K. 1988 Album, Big Beat Test Pressing

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