The Singles - Dr Jekyll & Mr Numbnuts

Here you will find a few copies of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde from my illustrious collection.

Quite a change in style when the boys released The Black Album – that amongst other gems bore this fantastic tune.

I’ll list three or four of this release here.

Never had too many copies, mainly because it wasn’t as widely released as many of the other singles that came before it.

Namely the the singles from Machine Gun Etiquette and The Damned Damned Damned Albums.

So I’ll list what I have, a couple of nice stock copies, and Acetate and a couple of signed copies.

And before you start whining about how you can never trust signatures these days, listen up Numbnuts, because I was present when these signatures were made.

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde Acetate

SOLD:  Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde USA 1980 – Acetate

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde USA 1980 >>>

SOLD:  Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde USA 1981 *Signed By all 4 Members* – Rainbow Label – I.R.S. Records – IR 9022

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde USA 1981 >>>