The Damned - The Black Album - U.K. - 2014 Test Pressing, Plastic Head / Let Them Eat Vinyl, Deluxe Box Set

The Black Album

Here’s Another Great Album by The Damned

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A1 – Wait For The Blackout
A2 – Lively Arts
A3 – Silly Kid’s Games
A4 – Drinking About My Baby
A5 – Twisted Nerve
A6 – Hit Or Miss
B1 – Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
B2 – Sick Of This And That
B3 – The History Of The World (Part 1)
B4 – 13th Floor Vendetta
B5 – Therapy
C1 – Curtain Call
D1 – Love Song (Live)
D2 – Second Time Around (Live)
D3 – Smash It Up Parts 1 & 2 (Live)
D4 – New Rose (Live)
D5 – I Just Can’t Be Happy Today (Live)
D6 – Plan 9 Channel 7 (Live)
E1 – White Rabbit (7″ Version)
E2 – Rabid (Over You)
E3 – Seagulls
E4 – The History Of The World (Part 1)
E5 – I Believe The Impossible
F1 – Sugar And Spite
F2 – There Ain’t No Sanity Clause
F3 – Looking At You (Live)
F4 – White Rabbit (Extended Version)

Mint Unplayed (Only 5 were pressed)

The Black Album was the fourth album by The Damned, and the first to feature Paul Gray on bass guitar. It was released in October 1980 on Chiswick as a double album, with a selection of live tracks recorded at Shepperton Studios for Damned fan club members on side four.
This deluxe edition also includes an extra disc of rare bonus tracks!!

Sturdy outer slipcase type box with high gloss. Hype sticker on shrink-wrap.
High gloss hardback book style disc holding component within. Matte black paper leaf front & back.
Each disc is held in a cardboard pocket leaf. These are printed with photographs, lyrics, extensive credits and an essay. They have thumb section die cut.

Discs have the same picture labels on sides A, C, E.

Some copies purchased directly from Plastic Head may have come with a company sticker.

Dead Wax info:
Barcode: 803341423350