The Damned - The Black Album - U.K. 1985 - MISSPRESS - Reissue - Big Beat Records – DAM 3

The Black Album

The Damned – The Black Album – UK 1985 – MISSPRESS – Reissue – Big Beat Records – DAM 3

This album actually plays Melvin Daniels Tracks (Labels are the correct Damned Black Album Labels – see pics)

Melvin Daniels was a Blues/Jazz artist and I think the tracks featured on this album are circa 1950’s.

To give you an idea of what the actual fuck is going on here…

Essentially this is the first track (the rest follows this general pattern)…



This is the tracklist that SHOULD BE on the album (But Isn’t!!!)…

A1 – Wait For The Blackout
A2 – Lively Arts
A3 – Silly Kids Games
A4 – Drinking About My Baby
A5 – Twisted Nerve
A6 – Hit Or Miss

B1 – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
B2 – Sick Of This And That
B3 – History Of The World Part 1
B4 – 13th Floor Vendetta
B5 – Therapy

Sleeve: EX (See pics) – Has some wear to the slit edges but nothing to write home about.
Still has the original shrink hanging on for dear life.
Vinyl: EX – Looks great in bright sunlight. (Hairlines under bright light)
Inner: Ex

P) 1980 Ace Records Ltd

Lyrics printed on inner sleeve, no credits.

Grey centre labels with white Big Beat logo and black text.
Similar to The Black Album except:

•The inner sleeve is of a thinner paper and is top opening, not side opening, and has no die cut thumb section
•The print of the lyrics on the inner is a little less sharp in clarity
•Grey labels with white Big Beat logo, not red
•This has a catalogue number printed on the inner by the lyrics, lower right.