SOLD: The Damned – Damned Damned Damned –

U.K. 1977 White Label Test Pressing and Proof Sleeve, 100% Authentic


Damned Damned Damned U.K. 1977 Original Proof Sleeve with SEEZ 1 White Label Test Pressing.

Now this is important Numbnuts.

What you are looking at on this page is quite frankly one of the sexiest things you will ever see apart from me in a suit.

We are talking an original “no B.S.” Stiff Records White Label Test Pressing of Damned Damned Damned.

There’s more because this baby comes with a 100% legitimate 1977 Proof Sleeve.

OK Its a bit battered and has sellotape marks but you know what Freckles? I’ve only ever seen another ONE of these and it looks exactly the same.

Our guess is that some Numpty (it wasn’t you was it? If so please contact me here) working for Stiff back in the day probably sellotaped the proof sleeves.

Proof sleeves of course generally come without “flaps” hence the sellotape.

The Vinyl is just a thing of pure beauty. Original pristine Vinyl with the authentic Stiff SEEZ 1 “Off white” almost light brown “note pad” lined label (see pics below Numbnuts).

See below for the “Condition” and Matrix / Runout details

Album Tracklist:
A1 – Neat Neat Neat
A2 – Fan Club
A3 – I Fall
A4 – Born To Kill
A5 – Stab Yor Back
A6 – Feel The Pain
B1 – New Rose
B2 – Fish
B3 – See Her Tonite
B4 – 1 Of The 2
B5 – So Messed Up
B6 – I Feel Alright

Record Condition:

Sleeve VG-, has light wear around edges, back has  discoloured with age like most copies today. It also has a lot of dark markings which were possible the result of being handled in the pressing room. Obviously at the time these Dudes had no idea of what this baby would be worth 40 years hence, so handling it carefully was probably a distant thought.

The rear cover is also affected by the markings of very old applied sellotape, see pics above. / Vinyl is at least EX+.

Deadwax Info:

Matrix / Runout (Side A runout, etched): G-T/P SEEZ 1 A1 EG A PORKY PRIME CUT
Matrix / Runout (Side B runout, etched): G-T/P SEEZ 1 B1 EG THE SOUND IS IN THE PLASTIC

Notice the T/P in the Runout Matrix on both sides.


Original authentic Stiff 1977 Proof Sleeve with the mispressed Eddie and the Hot Rods pic on the rear sleeve.

The cover folds in the middle and is printed on heavy unlaminated card.

Typically with proof sleeves there are no internal flaps that would normally be used during manufacture to stick the two sides together.

White Label Test Press as denoted by T/P in runout.

Recorded in London.
Made to be played loud at low volume.
© 1977 Stiff Records Ltd.
Thanks to No One

Manufactured and distributed by Island Records Ltd.

Recorded in London.
Made to be played loud at low volume.
Stiff Records, Today’s Sound Today.

Thanks to No One
The Damned are Advancedale Artists
London 01 229 7146
Damned Disciples Song Book and recording details available for £1 inc p & p from

Stiff Records
32 Alexander Street London W2

℗ & © 1977 Stiff Records Ltd.

Manufactured and distributed by Island Records Ltd., 22, St. Peter’s Square, London, W6