Thanks for Nothing

OK, OK, so I have received your annoying contact form.

Hopefully you’ve sold some of your Right Said Fred records and have just made me an offer for one of the Damned Diamonds for sale on here.

In that case I will endeavour to get back to you as soon as The George & Dragon closes.

On the other hand, if you’ve just sent me some dumb ass question about something boring like; “are you sure the Hot Rods is legit”, I’ll try my best to read it and reply “Yes Numbnuts” as soon as I can.

Either way, you can rest assured I have received your boring message and will get back to you.

Obviously if you’ve just sold your 14 Pistols Acetates and sent me the following message:

“Dear CK, Will you accept £15,000 for the Irish Damned Damned Damned”

I’ve already replied yesterday.

Have a nice day Numbnuts and don’t eat yellow snow…


Thanks For Nothing