The Damned - Chiswick Records Singles For Sale

Even more for you here Numbnuts…

Feeling down because you just got back from Red Lion and lost all your money on the bandit?

Fear not! Start buying some of these Chiswick Records beauties and you’re guaranteed to start feeling a whole lot better! Trust me!

Anyway Numbnuts, there are some nice items here from the Classic Chiswick Era including imports, tests, demos, miss-presses and a shed load more.

Feast your eyes on these…

Chiswick Records Love Song

For Sale: Love Song Germany 1979 – The Damned – The legendary 1979 single German pressing of Love Song

Love Song Germany 1979 >>>

For Sale: Love Song Holland 1979 – The Damned – Dutch 1979 Pressing with unique white “written” sleeve

Love Song Holland 1979 >>>

For Sale: Love Song France 1979 – Another unique sleeve with this French 1979 “4 members” sleeve

Love Song France 1979 >>>